The Finals at the U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship

It was a great match between to friends from Spain.  Last year Nicolas Almagro made it to the finals but sadly he came in 2nd place to Jon Isner in 2013.  So this year he made it to the finals again but had to play against a friend from his home country.   So when the match started Fernando came out with everything he had and after having played to matches the day before he look great in the first set and breaking Nicolas 2 times in the first set making the first set 6-3.  And as the 2nd set started it was going back and forth between the to friends but look like Fernando was starting to show he was getting tired.  As Nicolas was able to break him on 2 games Nicolas was up 4-2 and everyone was thinking to was go to go to a 3rd set. Fernando came back after the change over he got his 2nd wind and came out and put everything he had in the tank on the court taking it to a tie breaker in the 2nd set as they both were playing hard Fernando came out on top winning the 2nd set 7-6.  So it was a great match.  Along with winning the Men’s Clay Court Championship Fernando Verdasco also won The Ernest Langston Sportsmanship Trophy.  So it was a great week for Fernando.  So good luck to you in Monte Carlo.

All photo copyrighted to Bigshots Snapshots media / Jeremy Fletcher













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