Houston SaberCats vs Austin Elite

Today at AVEVA Stadium home to the Houston Sabercats, in honor of Memorial Day Weekend, Military and former military will be honored. Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston will be present to pay tribute to our men and women in uniform. It is going to be a great Saturday afternoon to have our Houston SaberCats host our revivals, Austin Elite.

The first Try was made by #8 Alejandro Nieto Serra and #10 Sam Windsor made the conversion for the lead. SaberCats 7 and Austin 0. It didn’t take but a few minutes after their first score when #12 Thretton Palamo broke through for another Try for the SaberCats, unfortunately Sam Windsor missed the conversion this time around. Houston 12 and Austin 0. The Houston SaberCats are off to a great start, putting pressure on Austin Elite. Austin struck back with a goal a few minutes later to put them on the board to make the score Austin 3 and Houston 12. Penalty kick was missed by Austin in the 25th minute. Houston received a penalty in the 28th minute with #2 Patrick O’Toole would be coming off for 10 minutes, so will be playing with only 14 men on the field, putting Austin Elite at an advantage. Houston a man down still managed to get a Try by #8 Alejandro Nieto Serra and #10 Sam Windsor with the 2 point conversion making the score Houston 19 and Austin 3. The Houston’s #7 Cecil Garber scored a TRY for the SaberCats but unfortunately Sam Windsor missed the 2 point conversion. The score, Houston 24 and Austin 3. The Houston team regained it’s 15th member to play with a full squad just before the first half ended.

The second half began with the Austin Elite scoring a TRY, but the 2 point conversion was missed to make the score Austin 8 and Houston 24. In the 56th minute of the game, Houston’s #14 Malacchi Esdale with a TRY, but Sam’s conversion hit the bar, but SaberCats are still ahead of the game. Houston 29 and Austin 8. The Houston SaberCats have really come alive these last two games they have played. A win against NOLA GOLD last week was a great motivator to bring the team spirits up. Today they are really putting their hearts into the game even on a very hot day with the temperature of 86, feeling like 102. The SaberCats scored another TRY and 2 point conversion to made. The FULL TIME was Houston SaberCats 36 and Austin Elite 15. What a game for the Houston SaberCats at home in their new stadium, AVEVA.

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