St.Louis BattleHawks vs Houston Roughnecks

Today at U of H John O’Quinn Field, the Houston Roughnecks will take on the St. Louis BattleHawks at home, both teams are 1-0. The Houston Roughnecks are coming off a win over the Los Angeles WildCats 37-17, while the St. Louis BattleHawks beat Dallas Renegades 15-9 last week.

The Houston Roughnecks received the ball first, the team moved the ball down the field to score 3 points by Sergio Castillo on a 32 yard field goal. The St. Louis BattleHawks answered right back, marching 71 yards down field to score a touch down for 6 points. The 2 point conversion was deflected by 97 Gabe Wright of the Roughnecks. The Roughnecks 3 and BattleHawks 6. The Roughnecks came back and scored a 7 yard touch down by a pass from Walker to Cam Phillips. The two point conversion was short by P.J. Walker. The Roughnecks ahead by 3 in the first quarter. The Roughnecks sacked the quarterback, which forced them to punt the ball. The Roughnecks were not able to capitalize, so punted the ball to the BattleHawks. The game turned on the Roughnecks side when the ball was intercepted by Cody Brown and was returned for 50 yards to the one yard line. The next play James Butler took it in for a touchdown, the two point conversion was no good. The Roughnecks lead in the 2nd quarter 15 and the BattleHawks 6. The Roughnecks 77 Kelvin Palmer will be out for the rest of the game with a right knee injury. Roughnecks scored with 1:53 seconds left in the first half, Cam Phillips scored another touchdown, with the conversion missed. The score before the half 21 Roughnecks, and 6 BattleHawks. The Roughnecks will punt the ball with 34 seconds left in the first half. The first half was controlled by the Houston RoughNecks and the defense also played a big roll in keeping the BattleHawks from scoring only 6 points.

The second half BattleHawks #15 De’Mornay Pierson-El run for 1 yard touchdown with the two point conversion attempt missed. So the BattleHawks put another 6 points on the scoreboard. The score iin the 3rd quarter now BattleHaws 12, Roughnecks 21. The BattleHawks quarterback Jordan Ta’amu scored a 4 yard touchdown to added points to their score, the extra point conversion failed. The score is BattleHawks 18 and Roughnecks 21 with seconds remaining in the 3rd half.

In the fourth quarter, #41 Jeremiah Johnson, made a big interception running it back 64 yards to place the ball on the 6 yard line of the Roughnecks. The Roughnecks did score with a 2 yard touchdown byy Cam Phillips and one point conversion by quarterback P.J. Walker. The score now 28 Roughnecks and 18 for the BattleHawks in the fourth quarter. The quarter back for the BattleHawks was sacked so they had to punt. The BattleHawks did manage to score another touchdown, but the conversion for extra points failed. This was another exciting game for the fans, I’m sure they are looking forward to their next home game.

The final score Houston Roughnecks 28 (2-0) and St. Louis BattleHawks 24 (1-1). The attendance for tonight’s game was 17,103. The Houston Roughnecks will be away their next game. They will play the Tampa Bay Vipers on Feb.22, 2020.
Senior Writer Santos Hernandez

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