Houston SaberCats vs Utah Warriors

The Houston SaberCats are hosting the Utah Warriors in their last night at Constellation Field in Sugar Land. The next game will be at the AVEVA Field where the Stadium will be home to the Houston SaberCats. Tonight is also Fan Appreciation Night.

The Utah Warriors given a penalty for being off side, gave the Houston SaberCats the opportunity to get on the scoreboard first with #10 Sam Windsor making the penalty kick for 3 points. The SaberCats then took the ball down the field where #15 Zachary Pangelinan scored a Try and #10 Sam Windsor made the 2 point conversion. The next play the SaberCats had a break away run by #2 Patrick O’Toole scoring another Try for the team and #10 Sam Windsor the 2 point conversion to put the Houston SaberCats up 17 and Utah Warriors 0. The Warriors did manage to come back for a score with a Try by #3 Angus MacLellan and the 2 point conversion by the Captain #12 Timothy O’Malley. The score Houston SaberCats 17 and Utah Warriors 7. The Warriors got a penalty kick on an offside by Houston SaberCats to add 3 more points to their score. SaberCats 20 and Warriors 10, making a closer game before halftime. The Houston SaberCats got a penalty kick before halftime to add 3 more points, SaberCats 20, Warriors 10. The Utah Warriors managed to score before halftime with a Try and a Conversion. Houston SaberCats 20 and Utah Warriors 17.

The second half the Warriors tied the score with a penalty kick by #12 Timothy O’Malley, Utah 20 and Houston 20. The Houston SaberCats took back the lead with a penalty kick from #10 Sam Windsor. SaberCats 23 ad Warriors 20. The SaberCats put another 3 points on the by #10 Sam Windsor, SaberCats 26 and Warriors 20. Houston SaberCats #10 Sam Windsor added another 3 points for the SaberCats to stay on top of the game, Houston 29 and Utah 20. The Warriors managed to get another Try and 2 point conversion to get closer to the SaberCats. Warriors 27 and SaberCats 29.

The Final Houston SaberCats 29 and Utah Warriors 27. Next game will be at AVEVA Stadium.

Santos Hernandez,Senior Writer.

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