The Sugar Land Skeeters on Star Wars night fall to the Long Island Ducks

Today is Star Wars Night at Constellation Field where our Skeeters take on the Long Island Ducks on the last game of the series.
Ducks, Delta Cleary started the night with  HR to RF. Dan Lyons got a double on an error by CF Jeff Dominguez. On wild pitch Dan advanced to third. Bryan Sabatella was walked on balls. The. next batter Mike Blanke struck out at the plate. Skeeters Delywn
Young got on base with two outs. Daryle Ward came up to bat and hit a HR to RF with RBI to bring in Delywn Young to take lead 2-1 to end first inning.
In start of the 2nd inning the Ducks, McQuail started a ralley he hit to LF, then wild pitch from Geer allowed McQuail to steel third. Hughes walked and advanced to 2nd on wild pitch. Next batter walked intentionally #5 Delta Cleary, # 12 Lyons hit CF, RBI with 2 runs coming in. Then Cody Puckett hit RF, RBI, Cleary and Lyons scored two more runs. Last batter for the inning #44 Bryan Sabatella struck out to put the Ducks up 5-2. The Skeeters Johan Limonta hit for single. Kevin Russo had an RBI bringing Johan for a score ending the side. The score Ducks 5, Skeeters 3.
There was not another score until the top of the 5th when Cody Puckett singled and ended in scoring position on several wild pitches by Geer.  The Skeeters were unable to score, so at the end of 5th inning Ducks 6 and Skeeters 3.
The Skeeters made several pitching changes starting the sixth inning with Andrew Johnston, in 7th Tim Gustafson, the 8th Dan Runzler and Andrew Carpenter in the 9th.
The Ducks scored one more run in the 9th but not before Chris Wallace, the catcher got ejected from game due to the call at the plate. The umpire called Delta Cleary safe at home and Wallace argued ruling, which caused the ejection in the 9th. Kelly Cross stepped in to catch the remainder of game.
The Ducks had several pitching changes also starting 6th Donnie Veal, #24 Nick Struck in 7th, #28 JC Romero in 8th and #14 Patrick Crider in the 9th.  The final score was Ducks 7 and Skeeters 3. They lost the series to the Long Island Ducks. Hope next meeting will be the Skeeters winning the series.

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