Houston Sabercats vs Colorado Raptors

Today at AVEVA stadium is the home opener for the Major Leaague Rugby Houston Sabercats and they will take on the Colorado Raptors. It is a new year and the Sabercats have changes to their roster.

The Sabercats didn’t waste much time to get on the score board. Sam Windsor put them ahead immediately with a 3 point penalty kick. He also added a TRY to the score minutes later into the game with Sabercats 8 and Raptors 0. The Raptors did not give up, thirty minutes into the game they scored a TRY to put them on the score board, making it Raptors 5 and Sabercats 8. The Sabercats quickly added 5 points before the half ended with Booysen getting a TRY extending their lead before the half. Going into the locker room at halftime SABERCATS 13 and RAPTORS 5.

The Raptors will be one man down, due to a yellow card against them before the half ended. The Houston Sabercats advantage slipped away, they were not able to capitalize on the Raptors being a man down. The Raptors missed a penalty kick and so did the Sabercats in the second half. The Sabercats came back to score a TRY by Malacchi Esdale in the 64th minute of the game to increase their lead. Sabercats 18 and Raptors 5. In the 71st minute of the game the Raptors scored a TRY and converted the 2 points to bring the Raptors 12 and Sabercats 18. The Houston Sabercats with 3 minutes left in the game, Sam Windsor adds 3 points with a penalty kick to increase the lead for them. The Houston Sabercats 21 and Colorado Raptors 12. The Houston Sabercats hold the Colorado Raptors to win their first game at home.

The Man of the Match was Sam Windsor with a total of 11 points scored.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer
Big Shots Snap Shots

Photos done by JB Fletcher of Bigshots Snapshots Media Group

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