Today at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas the Concacaf Women’s Olympic Qualifiers 2016 will head a double header.  First teams competing will be Guatemala vs. Trinidad/Tobago.

The game started with Trinidad attempting a shot in the 7th minute of the game by #19 Cordner, but was blocked by the Guatemala goalie. Trinidad’s player #19 Cordner was on a roll by attempting to score a goal two more times.  It continued to be a battle for the ball by both teams the first half, until the 19th minute of the game when #14 Karyn Forbes of Trinidad’s team, picked up the ball still in play before going out of bounce.  This gave Guatemala a free kick by #9 Ana Lucia Martinez and scoring the the first point of the game, making it Guatemala 1 and Trinidad 0 in the first half.

The second half started by both teams taking the ball back and forth and attempting to score goals for their team but defense was good by both. In the second half Trinidad began substitutions for the team, in the 56th minute #12 Ahkeela Mollon off and #7 Kayla Taylor on, in the 65th minute #11 Janine Francois on and the 74th minute #2 Janelle Cunningham off and #16  Jo Marle Lewis on.  The Guatemala team also had a substitution in the 80th minute #8 Jennifer Munoz off and # 11 Fabiola Gonzalez on.

In the 74th minute the Trinidad team came alive and scored their first goal by # 19 Kennya Cordner  and then followed by their second goal by #10 Tasha St.Louis. As the game continued there was a yellow card called on Guatemala’s #6 Gloria Aguilar in the 90th minute of the game.  There was 4 minute stoppage time added to the game.  The final score of the game was Guatemala 1 and Trinidad/Tobago 2….with the player of the match being Trinidad’s #10 Tasha St.Louis.

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