It is a cloudy and windy day with rain in the horizon, but the game will go on no matter what type of weather is on its way.  The Houston Sabercats are hosting the New Orleans Gold for the third time in their inaugural opener here at the Dyer Stadium in Houston, Texas.  The fans have arrived prepared to stay with raincoats and umbrellas in hand ready for an exciting game.

The game started off to a great start with both teams scrambling for the ball, but the New Orleans Gold scored 3 points on a Sabercats penalty.  It didn’t stop the Sabercats from scoring in the next few plays with the try coming from #13 Osea Kolinisau to make the score Sabercats 5 and NO Gold 3.  The teams were on a roll scrambling for the ball when the Sabercats #14 Josua Vici had a break through with a try to put more points on the board and #10 Sam Windsor adding with the two point conversion.  The NO Gold scored a try by #8 Sebastian Kalm and two point conversion by #12 JP Eloff.   The score at halftime Saberts 12 and NO Gold 10.

The second half started really fast within four minutes the New Orleans Gold scored a try by #4 Nikola Bursic to put the Gold ahead.  The game went on battling for the ball,  when the Sabercats received a penalty the Gold kicked for three points to add to the score.  The score NO Gold 18 and Sabercats 12.  The Sabercats did not give in, they came back and scored a try by #1 Jake Turnbull and a two point conversion by #10 Sam Windsor to put them ahead by one point.  The Sabercats scored one more time by #14 Josua Vici again and #10 Windsor the two point conversion to make the score Sabercats 26 and NO Gold 18.  The rain continued to come and go but the game went on with both teams battling for the ball as usual.  The game was so intense, there were yellow cards given.  The NO Gold managed to pull out another try by #7 Matt Hughston and the two point conversion to bring them closer to the Sabercats.  The game was close Sabercats 26 and NO Gold 25.

The game was a great, the fans enjoyed themselves cheering for the Sabercats the whole game through, despite the rain we had.  The Houston Sabercats lost today.  The New Orleans Gold managed to come from behind and win today.  The final score was Houston Sabercats 26 and the New Orleans Gold 32.

The Houston Sabercats will play again next week at Dyer Stadium hosting the Austin team, come and support the Houston Sabercats.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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