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Tonight opens the 2017 season for the Houston Dynamo, including new coach, Wilmar Cabrera and new team members for the Dynamo.  The Dynamo will host the defending  MLS Cup champion Seattle Sounders FC tonight.  The Dynamo fans are ready for the excitement tonight at BBVA Compass Stadium.  The Dynamo have new faces on the team this year, including Romell Quioto and Alberth Elis.  Tonight will also be the night Dylan Remick faces his old team members since being traded to Houston and also ex-Dynamo Will Bruin traded to the Seattle Sounders.

The Dynamo came in strong in the first 3 minutes, with Quioto attempting a goal, but just coming up short. The Dynamo showing strength in the first half.  Torres gets a free penalty kick in the 19th minute and scores his first goal with Dynamo team tonight to put the Dynamo on the board first.  The Sounders have threatened to score in the first half several times but have come up short.  The Dynamo have managed to keep the Sounders from scoring.  Quioto, Elis, and Torres have been on their game and have been all over the field this first half.  If this type of playing is what the Dynamo have to work with this year, the Dynamo might be a team to look out for in the 2017 season.  In the 32nd minute Sounders, #14 Marshall was issued a yellow card.  In the 42nd minute #12 Romell Quioto scored a goal for the Dynamo, putting them up 2 goals against the defending MLS  cup champion Seattle Sounders.  At the end of the first half the score, Dynamo 2 and Sounders 0.

The Dynamo are fast to start the second half attempting to control the ball first.  They are going to put the pressure on the Sounders this half, including the Dynamo goalie Eric Tyler saving attempted goals by the Sounders.  The Sounders finally broke through the Dynamo line and received their first goal of the night by #2 Clint Dempsey in the 57th minute of the game.  In the 66th minute the Sounders #29 Roman Torres was issued a yellow card for a foul.  The Dynamo continued to be defensive and started to substitute during the game.  In the 70th minute #27 Boniek Garcia on for #13 Ricardo Clark, and in the 73rd minute #10 Vicente Sanchez on for #17 Alberth Elis.  Then the sounders made substitution of their own.  In the 75th minute (ex-Dynamo player) #17 Will Bruin comes on for #8 Alvaro Fernandez.  In the 80th minute Dynamo’s #9 Erick Torres was issued a yellow card for wasting time.  The Sounders substituted in the 84th minute #23 Henry Wingo on for #4 Gustav Svensson.  In the 85th minute Dynamo made another substitution #11 Andrew Wenger on for #6 Eric Alexander off.  The Sounders have battled a little harder the second half but have only put one score,  meaning the Dynamo are going to be a team to look at this 2017 season.  The Dynamo have beat the defending MLS champs, Seattle Sounders FC tonight.  The final score Dynamo 2 and Seattle Sounders 1.

Santos Hernandez, writer