Today the Houston Dynamo will host the Chivas Guadalajara at BBVA Compass Stadium in a friendly game and the Houston Dynamo will be the visiting team for the first time at BBVA Compass Stadium.  The Chivas were looking for a team to have a friendly match in Houston and invited the Dynamo to be their opponents, but the Chivas will be the home team on Sunday at BBVA Compass Stadium.  The Chivas are one of Mexico’s two largest teams. The last time these two teams met was in 2008 in Robertson Stadium in front of a crowd of 28,000.  When the game was played, Wade Barrett, Ricardo Clark, and Brad Davis were among the Dynamo players in 2008 match up against the Chivas.

The first half has been very aggressive by both teams, but with no goals.  In the 31st minute Houston Dynamo’s #23 Escalante was issued a yellow card. In the 34th minute Houston Dynamo’s #22 Williams was also issued a yellow card.  In the 36th minute Chivas’ #19 Marco Bueno comes off the game and #???? comes in.  In the 38th minute Dynamo’s #5 Rodriguez was also issued a yellow card.  At the end of the first half the score remains Chivas 0 and Dynamo 0.

In the second half playing for the Dynamo’s are #8 C. Maidana,  #14 A. Lima, and #3 R. Lovejoy, replacing #22 S. Williams, #26 C. Warner and #13 R. Clark.  In the 61st minute for the Chivas #97 Benitez coming off and #24 Carlos Cisneros coming in to the game.  In the 72nd minute the Dynamo made a substitution #7 Beasley coming in for # 5 Rodriguez.  In the 82nd minute Dynamo made substitution #21 Steinberger coming in for #6 Alexander and also the Chivas in the 82nd minute #2 Alanis coming in for #4 Pereira.  In the 86th minute the Dynamo made their final substitution #29 Lucater coming for #23 Escalante.

The final score for the friendly match, Dynamo 0 and Chivas 0.

Santos Hernandez, Writer

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