Today at BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston, Texas two Mexico teams will be playing a friendly game, Cruz Azul vs. Pumas.  The game is set to start at 4:00 p.m. The weather turned out perfect for the game tonight, cool with a slight breeze that is comfortable for a great game.

The goalie for the Azul team is Guillermo Allison and the goalie for the Pumas is Alfredo Saldivar.  In the first 3 minutes of the game the team Azul came out strong with two attempts at a goal.  The close goal came by 25 Juan Carlos Garcia Sancho.  The first half shows Cruz Azul starting off very aggressive.  The Pumas get their first corner kick in the 9th minute which turned into a goal with 3 Gerardo Alcoba making a head butt into the goal.  Pumas 1 and Cruz Azul 0.  Despi29te the aggressiveness of the Azul team the Pumas managed to score.  In the 12th  minute the Azul team missed a goal by sending it wide, while in the box by 29 Erick Torres.  In the 14th minute Azul got their first corner kick, which led into another corner kick but failed to score.  The Pumas are protecting their goal very well.  In the 32nd minute the Pumas #3 Gerardo Alocba fouled, was issued a yellow card,  to give Azul a penalty kick right outside the box.  It was unsuccessful when Pumas goalie Guilermo Allison saved the point.  The first half ended Pumas 1 and Cruz Azul 0.  The Pumas changed their tone in both the offense and the defensive side.

In the 50th minute Azul attempted a goal but were disappointed when the ball went wide of the goal.   In the second half,  Pumas had two players 19 Luis Quintana and 17 Jesus Gallardo come in to replace 3 Gerardo Alcoba and Pablo Barrera game.  In the 73rd minute the Pumas #6 Kevin Escamila was issued a yellow card.  In the 74th minute Azul’s  #29 Erick Torres was issued a yellow card.  In the 81st minute the Pumas #12,  goalie, was issued a yellow card inside the box for a penalty kick for Azul.  It was saved by Guillermo the Pumas’ goalie in the 83rd minute.  The second half was intense with a couple of disagreements breaking out in the last minutes of the game, with pushing and shoving.  The team Cruz Azul had several opportunities to tie the game.

The final score the  Pumas UNAM 1 and Cruz Azul 0.

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