Today at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, Major League Rugby gets under way. The SaberCats will host the newly formed team, Toronto Arrows for the first home game of the season. The theme for tonight is “Passport to the World”. It is a chance to celebrate the diversity of the community and team. There are several countries being represented tonight, Australia, Ireland, Fiji, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, Uruguay and the United States. The stadium is decorated with all of the different countries flags’. An Educational Scavenger Hunt will be held for the kids, where they are given a chance to learn about the different countries to earn SaberCat prizes before the game starts.

The Houston SaberCats kicked off to start the game. The Toronto Arrows came out strong to put the first points on the board. Scoring the first Try of the game was Toronto’s #11 John Sheridan and the conversion was made by #10 Sam Malcolm. Arrows 7 and SaberCats 0. The Arrows scored another 3 points on a penalty kick. The Houston SaberCats scored on a penalty kick to put them on the scoreboard. The Toronto Arrows seem to be on fire tonight, #8 Kolby Francis scored a Try and #10 Sam Malcolm the 2 point conversion. The next point scored by the Arrows was a penalty kick. The score Arrows 17 and SaberCats 10. The Arrows didn’t stop there they immediately scored another Try by #13 Captain Daniel Moor and the 2 point conversion by #10 Sam Malcolm. The end of the first half, Houston SaberCats 10 and Toronto Arrows 27.

The Toronto Arrows did not waste anytime coming into the second half, #9 Andrew Ferguson scored a Try and #10 Sam Malcolm added the 2 point conversion. The SaberCats answered right back with a Try by #15 Zach Pangelinan, but Sam Windsor missed the conversion. The SaberCats wasting no time scored another Try, but missed the conversion. The score in the second half so far, Houston SaberCats 20 and the Toronto Arrows 34. The Arrows scored 3 points on a penalty kick. The SaberCats #10 Sam Windsor scored the Try and conversion to put them a little closer to the Arrows. SaberCats 27 and Arrows 37. The Arrows scored another Try by #20 Andrew Wilson and conversion made by #10 Sam Malcolm late in the second half.

The fulltime score for tonight’s game Houston SaberCats 27 and Toronto Arrows 44. The Toronto Arrows earn 5 points. The next Houston SaberCats game will be March 2 against the Rugby United New York.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer
BigShotsSnapShots Media

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