Houston SaberCats vs Glendale Raptors

The second season for Major League Rugby has started, the Houston SaberCats will host the Glendale Raptors in a cold Saturday night at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, Texas. The second exhibition game for the SaberCats before their home opener in March. It will be held at the new AVEVA Stadium. Tonight at Constellation Field will also hold Kid’s night.

The Officials for the game tonight will be Scott Green-Referre, Greg Varrel-Asst Ref., Kat Roche-Asst. Ref, Kevin Cousins-4th Official. The game tonight will be a chilly, windy game, with temperatures in the 30’s.

The game started off with both teams very aggressive, the Houston SaberCats scored three points by #10 Sam Windsor, when the Glendale SaberCats were offside within two minutes of the game. The SaberCats scored another three points 11 minutes into the game. The Score was SaberCat 6 and Raptors 0. The SaberCats scored once again with #14 Vici scoring a TRY, but the conversion was missed, the socre 11 and Raptors 0. The Raptors not far behind scored minutes later to make the score SaberCats 11 and Raptors 7. The SaberCats scored 3 points on a penalty kick to make it 14. The Raptors scored a TRY but missed the conversion. Score SaberCats 14 and Raptors 12. The Raptors scored before the half, the score SaberCats 14 and Raptors 19.

The second half was very intense, both teams were going strong, despite the cold weather. The Sabercats scored another TRY by #2 Matt O’Toole and #10 Sam Windsor’s conversion, to add another 7 points for score of 21. The Raptors did not give in easily, they scored another 17 points to make the final score: Houston SaberCats 21 and Glendale Raptors 36. The second loss for the Houston SaberCats. I am sure the SaberCats will regroup and come back strong for the other games.

The Houston SaberCats will be in Austin on January 26, 2019, where they will play Austin Elite once more, hoping they will be victorious on the road.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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