Houston Sabercats vs Ontario Arrows

Tonight at Constellation field the Houston Sabercats will host Ontario Arrows in the last exhibition game before the Major League Rugby season starts on April 21, 2018.  The Houston Sabercats will be playing at Dyer Stadium, 2020 Mangum Road, Houston, Texas off 290 & 610.

The Houston Sabercats,  #8 Matt Trouville, scored the first Try to put the Sabercats on the board with 5 points.  The Ontario Arrows next on on Penalty Goal in the next few plays to put them on the board.  Sabercats 5 and the Arrows 3.  The Houston got 3 more points on a penalty goal.  The Ontario Arrows took the lead in the 26th minute of the game when #4 Mike Sheppard scored a Try and the 2 point conversion was made by #10 Shawn Windsor.  The score in the 30th minute of the game, Sabercats 8 and Arrows 10.  The Houston Sabercats were not going to stay down for long, #10 Sam Windsor scored 3 points on a penalty goal to put the Sabercats ahead once again.  The score Sabercats 11, the Arrows 10.  On a break away by #15 Zach Pangelinan scored another Try for another 5 points and a the 2 point conversion by #10 Sam Windsor.  The Sabercats 18 and the Arrows 10.  Right before the half the Arrows scored a Try by #2 AF Quattrin and the 2 point conversion by #10 Shawn Windsor to make the score 17.  The score is very close, it shows both teams are not giving up any points easy.  Sabercats 18 and Arrows 17.

The Ontario Arrows came back in the start of the second half, #14 Johnny Sheridan scored the Try to make the score 22 and the Sabercats 18.  The teams are not making it easy on one another, they are really working for the points.  The Sabercats struck again with #19 Justin Allen scoring another Try to make it 23 and the Arrows 22.  The Arrows followed with a Penalty Goal of 3 points, to make it 25.  Again, the Sabercats scored another Try by #14 Josua Vici with 5 points, 28 and Arrows 25.  The Ontario Arrows came back to tie the game with a 3 point Penalty Goal to tie the game.  The final score ended in a draw, Houston Sabercats 28 and the Ontario Arrows 28.

The Houston Sabercats are reminding everyone the regular season for Major League Rugby will begin April 21, 2018, when they host New Orleans Gold.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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