Houston Sabercats vs New Orleans Gold

The Houston Sabercats are coming off a win against the New York Athletics and tonight are hosting the New Orleans Gold.  Constellation Field is also celebrating Mardi Gras, there is music and beads for everyone.

The Houston Sabercats take lead early in the game, first Try by Sabercats #15 Osea Kolinisau, 5 points.  The next few plays ended with a penalty goal for the Sabercats to put 3 more points on the board by #10 Sam Windsor.  The Sabercats didn’t stop there, #13 Malacchi Esdale ran for their second Try for another 5 points and #10 Sam Windsor hit the 2 point conversion.  The New Orleans Gold came in scoring in the 36th minute of the game with a Try by #6 Vince Jobo and 2 point conversion by #15 JP Eloff.  The score for the first half, Houston Sabercats 15 and New Orleans Gold 7.  The excitement awaits for the second half.

The Sabercats scored first in the second half, #13 Malacchi scored his second Try, 5 points added to make the score 20 and New Orleans Gold 7.  Several plays later the Sabercats will add 3 more points in a Penalty Goal by #10 Sam.  The New Orleans Gold are not giving up, the scored another Try by #2 Eric Howard, who is the Vice Captain for the team.  The score now is Houston Sabercats 23 and New Orleans Gold 12.  In this game the 2 point conversion has been challenging, several have been missed by both teams.  The Sabercats have scored once again, #10 Sam is on fire, another Try and a 2 point conversion.

The final game score for tonight Houston Sabercats 30 and New Orleans Gold 12.  GoCatsGo….fireworks after the game tops off a great night.

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