Houston Sabercats vs Seattle Saracens

The 2018 exhibition season opener for Major League Rugby is tonight at Constellation Field.  It will be the home of the Houston Sabercats from January through March, before the MLR season kick-off in April 2018.  The Houston Sabercats will host the Seattle Saracens tonight and will also face rivals from the U.S., Canada, and the Uruguay National team in the three month exhibition season.

The CEO of the Houston Sabercats, Jeremy Turner, stated a dream has finally been made a reality for Houston to bring a professional Rugby team to town.  The head coach, Justin Fitzpatrick, stated the team is strong and has lots of talent and experience and ready to take on their opponents.  The players to watch for this season are, Sam Windsor, Matt Trouville, Oscar Kolinisau and Kyle Sumsion.

The game started with the Houston Sabercats #10 Sam Windsor scoring within the first fourteen minutes of the game and #15 Zach Pangelinan scoring the two points.  The game is very intense and hard hitting tackles.  The Sabercats scored within three minutes again, #11 Josua Vici taking in and another two points were scored.  The score is reading Sabercats 14 and Seattle Saracens 0.  The ball has been dominated by the Sabercats to score again by #14 Malacchi Esdale but two points were missed.  The Seattle Saracens have received the ball, but have not succeeded in getting the ball over the end zone.  Once again the Sabercats scored by #9 Conor Murphy touching the end zone and adding another five points, the two points was missed.  The score about thirty minutes into the game is Sabercats 26 and Saracens 0.  The Sabercats scored two more time before the half ended, #10 Sam Windsor with two points missed, and #15 Zach Pangelinan plus two points.  Score at half time was Sabercats 36 andSeattle Saracens 0.

The second half both teams came out wanting to control the ball as much as possible.  The ball shifted several times before the Sabercats once again scored by #20 Pago Haini and #15 Zach Pangelinan added two more points.  There was a yellow card handed out to the Sabercats #20 Pago Haini putting the Sabercats a man down ten minutes.  The next few plays turned to the Seattle Saracens favor when #11 Dion Crowder broke through to score.  Unfortunately he was caught from behind by #11 Josua Vici to stop the point.  The Sabercats knocked him down illegally, so the Seattle Saracens were awarded the seven points to put them on the board.  Before the second half ended the Sabercats scored again and made their two points.  The final score Houston Sabercats 50 and Seattle Saracens 7.

The Houston Sabercats broke two records for tonight, sold out game and attendance being 5,224.  The next game for the Houston Sabercats will be January 13, 2018 at 7:00 pm against the Vancouver Ravens.  Come and see this amazing team and learn more about the Rugby it is exciting and intense.

Santos Hernandez, Senior writer

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