Today is the last game for the Sugar Land Skeeters, as they take on the Long Island Ducks.  Today is also Fan Appreciation Day, lots of goodies were handed out to fans as they made their way through the doors.  An introduction of the Houston Strikers, a new Rugby Team, was named along with the Head Coach Justin Fitzpatrick.  They will play 9 preseason games, starting January 6, 2018, in Sugar Land Constellation Field.

The pitchers starting today will be RHP #18 Tyler Levine (3-2, 6.05) for the Long Island Ducks and RHP #27 Alberto Rodriguez (0-0, 2.70) for the Sugar Land Skeeters.

The Skeeters first on board with an earned run from Josh Prince, on a sacrifice fly from #21 Anthony Giansanti, bottom of the first inning.   The Skeeters scored an earned run from Caleb Ramsey, on Wilfredo Rodriguez double play.  The Skeeters made a change in their line up RHP #22 Andrew Johnston, seventh inning.  The Long Island  Ducks also changed their pitcher, LHP #15 Jose Velez.  Josh Prince earned a run on Caleb Ramsey’s home run in the seventh inning.  The score is Skeeters 4 and Long Island Ducks 0.  The Ducks managed to score two runs in the eighth inning, Delta Cleary, Jr. and Dan Lyons.  The score Ducks 2 and Skeeters 4.   Game is in the books for this season, wait for next year start a new run for the champion ship again.

The final score Skeeters 4 and Long Island Ducks 2.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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