Tonight the Sugar Land Skeeters face off with the Long Island Ducks.  Tonight there will also be a big night of Fireworks after the game.  The Sugar Land Skeeters have also awarded #3 Albert “Coco” Cordero, Community Player of the Year.  His host family was also recognized, Dixie Spurling for their hospitality.

The pitchers for tonight’s game are RHP #36 Matt Marsh (0-0, 0.67) of the Long Island Ducks and for the Sugar Land Skeeters is RHP #23 Patrick Mincey (0-1, 1.80).

The Skeeters have scored in the first inning with Albert Cordero and Cole Gillispie reaching home to give the Skeeters two runs.  In the bottom of the third Travis Scott came up to bat and managed to hit one over right field for a home run.  In the fourth inning #33 Caleb Ramsey scored on a wild pitch to give the Skeeters another run making the score 4 and Ducks 0.    The Long Island Ducks made a substitution, RHP #9 Zac Treece in the sixth inning.  The Skeeters also changed pitchers, LHP #32 Scott Maine.   The Skeeters are making another change on the mound in the seventh inning with bases loaded, RHP #39 Julio DePaula.  The Ducks did manage to tie the game in the seventh inning with Ruben Gotay, Angelo Songco, DeltaCleary Jr, and Dan Lyons all scoring to make the score Ducks 4 and Skeeters 4.  The Ducks brought in LHP #48 Dustin Richardson in the seventh inning.  The Skeeters made a pitcher change of their own, RHP #22 Andrew Johnston.   The Ducks scored two more runs by Marc Krauss and Jordon Hinshaw to put the Ducks up by two.  Ducks have new pitcher in the eighth RHP #17 Dennis O’Grady.  New pitcher for the Skeeters, RHP #31 Chris Treibet.

The final score Skeeters 4 and Long Island Ducks 8.  The Skeeters will play again tomorrow night.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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