Tonight the Skeeters will try to tie the series after a loss to the Ducks last night.  Tonight is special Super Hero jersey auction, and Swatsson Mask fans for the fans courtesy of Bedrock City Comics.  There will also be a concert after the game featuring Charlie Robison sponsored by Bud Light.

The starting pitcher for Long Island Ducks will be RHP #45 Jake Dunning (2-2, 3.37) and for the Sugar Land Skeeters will be RHP #23 Mitch Talbot.  The Ducks scored a run in the first inning to put them up first.  In the second inning the Skeeters loaded the bases and Travis Scott earned a run on a hit by Wilfredo Rodriguez.  The score Skeeters 1 and Ducks 1 after two innings.  Both teams have made it on to the bases but still not able to score, they have one or two men left on bases.

The Skeeters came alive scoring four runs in the seventh inning, now the score is Skeeters 5 and the Ducks 1.  The Ducks have put a pinch hitter in the ninth inning,  #19 Derrick Pyles to see if they can get on the board.  The Ducks are threatening, #26 Angelo Songco just hit a home run and Jordan Hinshaw earned a run to make the score Ducks 3 and the Skeeters 5 with one out in the ninth.  The Skeeters have brought in a new pitcher #38 Felipe Paulino.

The final score Skeeters 5 and Long Island  Ducks 3.  The series is now tied.  They will play again tomorrow.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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