Tonight the Sugar Land Skeeters play their last home stand series against the Bridgeport Bluefish.  Tonight the on the mound is RHP #28 Jake Hale (10-6, 3.43) and for the Bridgeport Bluefish is LHP #22 Manny Parra (3-3, 6.50).

The Skeeters scored first in the second inning, with a sacrifice fly by Alert Cordero and earned run by Bryan Pounds.  Then in the fourth inning the Skeeters scored another run when Bryan Pounds advanced to third base on a wild pitch and Alert Cordero singled to right.  The score Skeeters 2 and Bluefish 0. In the fifth inning Caleb Ramsey for the Skeeters scored another run to make it Skeeter 3 and Bluefish.   In the sixth inning the Bridgeport Bluefish changed pitchers to #23 F. DeJiulio Jr. RHP.  Wilfredo Rodriguez earned a run on a double hit from catcher’s #3 Albert Cordero.  The next player Caleb Ramsey hit a double to score Albert Cordero.  The score at the end of the sixth inning Skeeters 5 and Bluefish 0.

The final score Skeeters 5 and Bridgeport Bluefish 0.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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