Tonight our Sugar Land Skeeters will be play the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.  They managed to pull off a win last night to start the series, Skeeters 2 and Blue Crabs 1.   The Skeeters are handing out Skeeters lunch boxes to their fans tonight, it is cheering up all the kids here tonight and some of the Skeeters players are autographing them.  It is a bright side to everything,  given what havic Harvey brought to our surrounding neighbors.  The devastation was unbelievable, words can’t begin to describe what are areas look like.  Tonight gives a break to everyone for a chance to relax and distress.

The Skeeters pitcher is #19 RHP Bobby Blevins (5-7, 5.12) and for the Maryland Blue Crabs is #15 RHP Eric Fornataro (0-7, 5.86).  The Blue Crabs got on the board first with earned run by Edwin Garcia, after a single by Michael Synder.   The Skeeters got on the board with an earned run by Travis Scott on a single by Bryan Pounds.   In the bottom of the fourth inning #21 Anthony Giansanti hit a home run for the Skeeters to place them in the lead by 1.  Blue Crabs 1 and Skeeters 2.   The Blue Crabs #9 Edwin Garcia hit a home run at the top of the fifth inning to tie the game.   The Blue Crabs changed pitchers in the bottom on the sixth, #28 Robert Carson.  Josh Prince earned a run on a sacrifice fly from #33 Caleb Ramsey to put the Skeeters ahead.   The Skeeters made a change in pitchers topof seventh #39 Julio DePaula.  The Blue Crabs also made a change in pitchers in the bottom of the seventh bringing #34 Jesse Beal.   The bottom of the eighth Blue Crabs changed pitchers #30 Zach Thorton.  The score Skeeters Felipe Paulino.

The Skeeters 3 and Blue Crabs 2, another win for the series.  Series Skeeters 2, Blue Crabs 0.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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