Tonight is a great night for baseball, Skeeters vs. Maryland Blue Crabs and the fans are excited with their Skeeters Camo hats that are being given away.  The Skeeters won last night, which kept them ahead in the series 2-0.  The pitcher for our Skeeters is RHP #20 Zech Zinicola (0-2, 3.85) and for the Maryland Blue Crabs is LHP #13 David Russo (0-3, 6.06).

The Maryland Blue Crabs have jumped ahead of the Skeeters in the second inning with four runs scored.  The Skeeters will have to get some runs so they don’t fall behind so early in the game.  A sacrifice hit by #33 Caleb Ramsey, earned a run for Travis Scott.   The Skeeters made a change in pitching line up, RHP #30 Manny Corpas, in the top of the third inning.   The score at the end of the third inning Skeeters 1 and Blue Crabs 4.      The Skeeters made another change in the pitching line up, RHP #22 Andrew Johnston coming in to pitch bottom of the fifth inning.   The Blue Crabs added two more runs in the fifth inning making the score Blue Crabs 6 and Skeeters 1.  The Blue Crabs make a substitution in pitching RHP #24 Craig Stem comes in bottom of sixth inning.  The Skeeters make a substitution in pitching, RHP #26 Trey Haley.   The pitching line up for the Skeeters changes once again in the top of the eighth inning, LHP #32 Scott Maine.  The Blue Crabs changed pitchers coming is RHP #36 Sam Runion.

The final score for tonight at Constellation Field was Skeeters 1 and Maryland Blue Crabs 6.  The Series is now Skeeters 2 and Maryland Blue Crabs 1.  The end of the series will be tomorrow night, Labor Day.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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