Today the Sugar Land Skeeters play the York Revolution, last game of a six series showdown.  Today at Sugar Land Constellation Field the fans receive a Skeeters Duffle Bag.  Today the pitcher for the Skeeters, RHP #28 Jake Hale (8-5, 3.27) and for the York Revolution LHP #39 Jay Gause (8-2, 304).

The Revolution scored first with #2 Alonzo Harris hitting a home run.  The Revolution #4 Casilla scored another run to make it 2 and Skeeters 0.  The Skeeters #21 Anthony Giansanti hit a home run and scored #5 Joe Benson to tie the game in the first inning.  In the fifth inning the Revolution put another point on the board with #17 Ryan Dent scoring a run.  The Skeeters #21 Anthony Giansanti scoring a run which tied the game.  There was a change in the pitcher lineup for the Revolution , #31 Joe Van Meter in bottom of 6th inning.  The Skeeters #18 Dickie Thon hit a home run and scored #5 Joe Benson to lead by 2.  The Skeeters made a change in their pitching lineup #30 Manny Corpas coming in the top of 7th.  The Revolution made another change in the pitching lineup, #36 J. Gaynor bottom of the 7th.  In the 7th inning #9 Wilfredo Rodriguez hit a home run. The Skeeters changed pitchers #32 Scott Maine.  York Revolution changed pitchers, #38 Hawtin Buchanan.  The score at the end of the 8th inning is Revolution 3 and the Skeeters .  The Skeeters changing pitchers #39 Julio DePaula.  The Revolution have two men on base with no outs.  They have scored two runs to make the score 5 to 6.

The final score York Revolution 5 and Skeeters 6.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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