Today the Skeeters return from a loss last night to the Revolution.  The Skeeters record is 49-60 for the season and the York Revolution come in with a 51-60 for the season.  The first pitch being thrown out by Martin Pike and Parrish Facciponte, who is also celebrating his birthday today.   The national anthem was sung by Calvary Episcopal School.  There will be a concert after the game from Micky and the Motorcars.

The starting pitcher for Sugar Land Skeeters is right handed #24 Mitch Talbot (6-3, 3.93) and for the York Revolution left handed #26 Logan Williamson (5-8, 5.47).  The Revolution scored in the second inning when #20 Luis Cruz hit a triple and scored #10 Jared Mitchell.  Then #17 Ryan Dent hit a single and scored #20 Luis Cruz to make it Revolution 2 and the Skeeters 0.

Pitching change for the Skeeters, #34 Dustin Richardson top the eighth inning.  The score is still Revolution 2, Skeeters 0.   The York Revolution also had a pitcher change, #19 R. Gomez.  Albert Cordero sacrifice hit, scored #21 Anthony Giansanti to put the Skeeters on the board.  Wilfredo Rodriguez singled to score #4 Kevin Ahrens and tied the game.  Caleb Ramsey singled to score #15 Bryan Pounds to put the Skeeters in the lead by one point.  Travis Scott singled to score #9 Wilfredo Rodriguez to give the Skeeters another run with still one out in the bottom of the 8th.  Pitching for the Skeeters at the bottom of the ninth, #25 M. Haynes, another change.  Another pitching change for the Skeeters, #38 Felipe Paulino.  The Revolution tied the game with #2 Alonzo Harris hit a single and scored #13 Dayron Varona.  The Revolution went ahead with #4 Casilla hitting a double and scoring #2 Alonzo Harris.  The Final score at Constellation Field, Sugar Land Skeeters 4 and the York Revolution 5.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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