The Sugar Land Skeeters are back from a big win last night, with a walk off grand slam by #4 Kevin Ahrens in the bottom of the ninth for a final score Skeeters 7 and Revolution 6.  Tonight will be Friday Fireworks show after the game.  The first pitches are thrown out by Patrick Henry, FBISD Teachers of the Year, Miss Texas Margana Wood, Miss Outstanding Teen Stephanie Wendt and Dana Mallory and Shadow Creek High School Band played the National Anthem.

The starting pitcher for Sugar Land Skeeters is right hander #10 Sean Gleason (3-7, 5.50).   The pitcher for the York Revolution right hander #37 Steve Janas (4-5, 4.64).   The Skeeters score first with #5 Joe Benson on a hit by #4 Ahrens.  Skeeters #21 Anthony Giansanti scored on error by the catcher.  The score Skeeters 2, York Revolution 0 at the end of the 1st inning.  The Skeeters scored three more runs in the third inning, #4 Ahrens on a sacrifice hit by #16 Travis Scott and #21 Giansanti and a home run by #15 Bryan Pounds.  At the end of the third inning Skeeters 5 and York Revolution 0.

The York Revolution got on board after a home run by #17 Ryan Dent in the fourth inning.   Then in the top of the seventh inning #27 Chase Simpson scored on a triple from #1 Travis Witherspoon.  The Skeeters substituted #30 Manny Corpas, and Sean Gleason retired.  Then after one batter, Skeeters made another substitution for Manny, #32 Scott Maine came in to pitch at the top of the 7th inning.  Top of the 8th Skeeters changed pitchers, #38 Felipe Paulino (2.25 ERA).  The York Revolution changed pitchers at the bottom of the eighth inning, #31 J. Van Meter.  The Skeeters made another piching substitute, #25 Mark Haynes (2.45 ERA)  top of the ninth.  The Revolution take the lead with a home run from #10 Jared Mitchell in the top of the ninth.  The Revolution changed up their pitcher, #32 Chase Huchingson (1.77 ERA).    The Skeeters #36 Hector Olivera hit a double, but that was not enough to win the game.  The Revolution came from behind to win the game.  York Revolution 6 and Skeeters 5.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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