The game of the double  header at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas is Curacao taking on Mexico.  There are flags for Mexico being waved by the fans.  We will see if the fans bring luck to their team on the field.

The Mexico team scored a goal in the 22nd minute of the game, #19 Angel Sepulveda.  The fans have performed the wave around the stadium twice since the exciting goal for Mexico.   The teams have put a good effort in trying to score the first half of the game.  There is no falling asleep in this game, the teams have both come close to scoring, it has kept the fans on their toes.  Mexico will go into locker room for the first half on the score board.  Mexico 1 and Curacao 0.  The question is, “Will Curacao come back to score in the second half?”

In the second half Mexico’s goalie #1 Jesus Corona, has made some very spectacular saves.  They were unbelievable, it’s like very acrobatic.  The teams are still scoreless as of yet, 57 minutes into the game.  In the 58th minute, Mexico has made their first substitution, #11 Elias Hernandez coming in for #2 Luis Rodriguez.  Mexico made another change in lineup, #6 Edson Alvarez coming in for #10 Martin Barragan.  Curacao has made their first substitution #14 Bernardus for #8 Jarchino Antonia in the 71st minute.  Mexico has made their last change for the night #18 Jesus Gallardo for #7 Orbelin Pineda.   Curacao made another change #18 Elson Hooi coming in for #11 Nepomuceno in the 83rd minute of the game.  The second half has been a wild one for Mexico, they have had so many chances for more points, but Curacao goalie, Eloy Room has stopped them with his saves.  Curacao is running out of time to score, it’s do or die.  Curacao is bringing fresh legs, #19 Janga in for #21 Statie.   In the 90 + minutes of the game Mexico scored once more #6 Edson Alvarez.

The attendance for today game was 44,232 in the Alamodome.  The final score Mexico 2 and Curacao 0.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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