The CONCACAF GOLD CUP 2017, continues in the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas with a double header.  The first teams Jamaica vs. El Salvador, the second teams of the night will be Curacao vs. Mexico, these teams are in group C.  They are expecting a big crowd in the Alamodome, fans supporting their teams like Mexico and El Salvador.

The few seconds of the game #22 Williams of Jamaica missed the first goal for the game.  The game is going to be interesting in that both teams want to score first, so the ball is back and forth between them.  The first team to let their guard down or make the slightest mistake will be on the board first.  It seems El Salvador was a little more aggressive, #9 Bonilla scored a goal in the 15th minute of the game.  The first half score ended with El Salvador 1 and Jamaica 0.

The second half shows a little more physical, in the 47th minute a yellow card was issued to Jamaica’s #22 Romario Williams.  There was a substitution made by Jamaica at half time, #17 Lambert coming out of the game and #18 Gordon coming in to replace him.  The second half of the game it is noticeable how intense and physical the game is getting, with the players pushing and saying things to one another.  The results of these happenings, in the 63rd minute,  Jamaica received a PK , which resulted in getting a goal by #10 Darren Mattocks.  The score is now Jamaica 1 and El Salvador 1.  In the 64th minute Jamaica substituted #8 Fisher for #12 Binns to finish out the game.  El Salvador made a substitution of their own with #10 Mayen coming out of the game Oscar Ceren to finish the game.  There was a yellow card issued to El Salvador’s #12 Orellana.

The final score for the game is a draw, Jamaica 1 and El Salvador 1.   The Man of the Match was El Salvador’s #9 Nelson Bonilla.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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