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Today at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas the Mexico National Soccer will face off against Ghana.  These two teams have met before, All-Time Record is Mexico 2 and Ghana 0, Draws 0.  In the first minute of the game, Mexico had to save two attempted goals by Ghana.  Th.e goalie for Mexico, Munoz, saved another near goal.  Mexico made their own attempt at a goal but came up short.  In the 10th minute Pizarro from Mexico just missed the corner of the goal for the first score.  In the 17th minute, Ghana’s Abdul Waris, head butted the goal in which Mexico’s goalie, Munoz, once again made an awesome save to stop Ghana from scoring.  In the 18th minute of the game Munoz went up to stop another ball and was hit on the face and knocked down.  He did stay in the game but not without an injury to his face.  The first score came from Mexico on a penalty kick taken by #11 Elias Hernandez.  It all came down to the  team who would make the first mistake to make a goal.  In the 36th minute Mexico’s goalie, Munoz, would have to leave the game due to the injury he sustained earlier, but not before saving another goal for Mexico.  The goalie coming in for Mexico is Jesus Corona in the 36th minute.  He also made an outstanding save when Ghana was on target to make a goal, but stopped by Corona.  Ghana’s goalie, Ofori, made an excellent stop from Mexico scoring again.  Two minutes were to the first half.  The score at the end of the first half, Mexico 1 and Ghana 0.  There is a large crowd here tonight at NRG Stadium cheering for their team.

In the second half both teams started very aggressive, in the 48th minute #21 Boye, of Ghana was issued a yellow card for tripping Mexico.   In the 51st minute, the referee issued a yellow card to Mexico’s #15, Rodolfo Pizarro, then following the next play in the 52nd minute Ghana’s #8 Ofori was issued a yellow card also.   This half has been a very physical game, a lot of contact with one another.    Both teams made substitution for the game, Mexico’s #8 Gutierrez came out of the game and #7 Pineda replaced him in the game.  In the Ghana team there was two substitutions in the 59th minute.  Mexico made another change #19 Sepulveda out and #10 Barragan in.  In the 70th minute Mexico’s goalie Jesus Corona made an another important save for his team.  Mexico was issued another yellow card to #5 Jesus Molina.  There has been several yellow cards in this game, this shows how physical it has been tonight.   Mexico made another change,  #11 Elias Hernandez out and #17 Raul Lopez to play the remainder of the game.  One more Mexico player had to leave the game #20 Jesus Duenas and #16 Jorge Hernandez replaced him.  Ghana has not given up, they attempted several times in the second half to get a goal and have come very close but to no avail have come up empty.  Even late in the game Mexico still making changes in the line up.  There will be three minutes added to the 90 minute period.

Tonight a very large crowd showed up for this game, 37,617 in attendance.  the final score Mexico 1 and Ghana 0.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer

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