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The Sugar Land Skeeters started their series with the New Britain Bees Friday night with a score of 7-5 in favor of the Skeeters.  The Skeeters managed to keep the series going by staying on top of the Bees once again on Saturday to take the game 3-2.  The Skeeters have had their share of troubles with the Bees.  When the Skeeters went head-to-head, with the newest team, the Skeeters were 7-13 overall, 3-7 at home and 4-6 at New Britain.  The Sugar Land Skeeters as 2016 ALPB Champions, they have kept their momentum in the new year, as they are leading the league for most home runs, with 18 under their belt and second for total bases for 227.

Today, Sunday, the fans are ready to see the Skeeters continue their winning streak in the series.  The Skeeters have Michael Nix starting as pitcher and the New Britain Bees have Jason Jarvis starting for them.  The Bees didn’t have a good start with Nix pitching, first three batters were out immediately.  Skeeters, Josh Prince got on base with an error called on Bees third baseman, Jovan Rosa, when he overthrew at first base.  Josh Prince scores unearned, by Lance Zawadzki advancing to first for a single.  Travis Scott hit to advance to first base, which had Lance advance to second.  Lance was picked off to end the first inning.  Skeeters scored again in the 2nd inning by Andy Williams, one man left on third, Benson.  The Bees could not score, but the Skeeters had a good forth inning by scoring 3 runs, making the score Skeeters 5 and Bees 0.  The New Britain Bees had three changes in pitchers for the game and so did the Skeeters.  The Bees tried to rally in the eighth inning having the bases loaded but only scoring Conor Bierfield.  The score was Skeeters 5 and New Britain Bees 1.  At the bottom of the eighth the Skeeters scored once again by Andy Williams, when he managed to hit a double to put him in the scoring position.  The New Britain Bees came up to bat at the top of the 9th inning, but were not able to get any more runs.  This meant the game was over since Skeeters were ahead.

The final score was Skeeters 6 and New Britain Bees 1.

Santos Hernandez, Senior Writer


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