The Skeeters are coming in today with a win on Saturday night, 4-1 over the York Revolution.  The Skeeters are two games ahead of York for first place in the Freedom Division.  The standings for the second half, the Skeeters are 10-7.

There was two runs scored by the York in the first inning by Jared Mitchell and Brandon Chaves.  The Skeeters were able to score in the first inning also, with an RBI by #2 Ricky Hague, to make score 2 – 1.  The Skeeters came  back to tie the game with a Home Run by #28 Jeremy Barfield in the bottom of the second inning.  Beamer Weems also scored to put the Skeeters ahead with RBI from Rene Tosoni.  Score: Skeeters 3 and York 2.  The York tied the game with an RBI from #2 Michael Rockett in the fourth.  An RBI by #15 Kevin Rivers to bring in #13 Brandon Chaves, making the score York 4 and Skeeters 3.  The York team changed pitchers at the bottom of the 7th inning, bringing in #31 Nate Reed, left handed pitcher.  An error by #13 Brandon Chaves allowed Delwyn Younng to get on base.  The very next bat #2 Ricky Hague has an RBI and a stand up double, bringing in two more runs to make the score Skeeters 5 and York 4 with one out.  The Skeeters changed pitchers in the 8th inning, bringing in #22 Andrew Johnson, right handed.  The York team changed pitchers again, #12 Michael Click, right handed pitcher.  Skeeters scored on an error by the first baseman allowing Tosoni to get on base and an error on the third baseman allowed another score to come in for the Skeeters scoring two runs in the eighth inning.  The score is Skeeters 7 and York 4.  Top of the 9th inning Skeeters bring in #28 Derrick Loop to try to close out the game.  Top of the 9th York scored two runs to make the score York 6 and Skeeters 7 with man on base and two outs.

The game is now tied, taking out Derrick Loop and bringing in #21 Dan Runzler to try to close out and go into extra innings, York has two men on base.  The York team just went ahead with a score coming in.  York is changing their pitcher to #18 Jose Arredondo, right handed pitcher to close out the game on a come from behind win.  York 11 and Skeeters 7.

Santos Hernandez, Writer

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