Today on the 4th of July, the Skeeters will take on the New Britain Bees, it is a beautiful sunny day for this game.  There will be fireworks postgame tonight to finish off the 4th of July.  There was a beautiful site during the National Anthem, when it came time for the song to say land of the FREE, doves were set free to fly.

The Skeeters started off by walking the first two batters to place men on bases.  They came back by getting a double play and a fly out to retire the side.  The Skeeters managed to get on base, but no runs the first inning.  The Bees’ #2 Jonathan Roof managed to get a hit and get on first base in the start of the second inning.  The Bee’s ended the inning with 1 hit, no errors and no runs, one man left on base.  The Skeeters had a double hit by Travis Scott in the bottom on the second inning.  Unfortunately Travis Scott was left on base, no runs scored this inning.  The third inning will started with #6 Jon Griffin, the first baseman of the Bees hitting a double to center field.  He advances to third base when #3 James Skelton hit towards the pitcher, which Skeeters pitcher takes the ball himself to first base for the first out.  Jovan Rosa hit an RBI to bring Jon Griffin for the Bees first score to make 1 and Skeeters 0.  In the 4th inning the Skeeters left one man on base, #29 Jeremy Barfield, no score.

The fifth inning was interesting when the Bees second baseman and the umpire collided when #4 Beamer Weems hit.  This caused #24 Delwyn Young to score for an RBI.  There was a controversial call because it caused the second baseman not to get the ball and throw out the player at first.  There was two coaches for the Britain Bees that were thrown out of the ballpark for arguing with the umpire about the play.  In the 6th inning #16 Travis Scott hit an RBI double to right field to bring in #2 Ricky Hague to make the score Skeeter 2 and Bees 1.  One man left on base in the sixth inning.  The Skeeters changed pitchers at the top of the 7th inning to #28 Derrick Loop.

The game ended  in the 7th inning with the Skeeters 2 and Bees 1, the game only went 7 innings due to the fireworks for tonight.

Santos Hernandez, Writer

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