Today at BBVA Compass Stadium the Rayados Monterrey vs Cruz Azul.  The teams are both on top of their game.  Both teams are being very aggressive when it comes to retrieving the ball. They both are going back and forth toward the goals but no success in obtaining a goal.  The referee has stopped the game in the first half, so all players can have a small break due to the heat in Houston, at BBVA Compass Stadium.

The first team to score in the first half was Rayados Monterrey scored first to make 1 Rayados Monterrey and 0 for the Cruz Azul. Scoring for Monterrey was #8 Dorlan Pabon who scored in the 41st minute of the game, just minutes before the half.  Going into the half the score was Monterrey 1 and Cruz Azul 0.

Starting the second half in the 47th minute Cruz Azul went on the attack, making a goal by #8 Joffre Guerrow to tie the score. Monterrey 1 and Cruz Azul 1.  In the 51st minute there was a yellow card issued to #33 Walter Ayoui for hitting an Azul player in the face.  In the 56th minute Azul made their first substitution #14 Aldo Ramirez coming off and #26 Kevkyn Montano coming on.  For Monterrey in 60th minute #9 Aldo DeNigris coming off and # 20 Santiago Rivera coming on.  In the 71st minute a break was taken by the referee so both teams could get some water.

Cruz Azul scored again in the 89th minute by #19 Victor Zungia to make Cruz Azul 2 and Monterrey 1.  There was a minute stoppage time added, but Cruz Azul held on to their lead.

Santos Hernandez, Writer

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