Tonight at BBVA Compass Stadium, the Houston Dynamo take on the FC Dallas team.  The Dynamo team is coming off a tie this past Sunday against the New England Revolution with the score ending Dynamo 3 and Revolution 3.  As the FC Dallas team is coming in with a win in their pocket.  There is a rivalry against these two teams so it will be for an interesting game tonight.  Last week the three goals came from Giles Barnes, Andrew Wenger and Cristian Maidana.  I believe the Dynamo will be on their game, they want those points and also the howitzer cannon award, which is given to the winner of the series.   In the last three seasons the Dynamo have lost possession of the cannon to the FC Dallas, so they will want the win.  If Giles Barnes gets a goal tonight, he will tie Dwayne De Rosario for fourth on the club list.  With the goal he had on Sunday he has 31 career goals playing with the Dynamo.

In the first half the Dynamo came out strong with #12 Will Bruin attempting a goal in the first 3 minutes.  Dynamo did not give up because in the 6th minute #18 David Horst scored a goal by butting it in when he received the long kick from the corner by #11 Andrew Wenger.  The score Dynamo 1 and FC Dallas 0.  In the most awkward situation, in the 9th minute, FC Dallas’ #24 Matt Hedges has own goal for Dallas, this makes the score Dynamo 2 and FC Dallas 0.  In the 18th minute the Dynamo made a substitution due to an injury, #27 Boniek Garcia coming in for injured #10 Giles Barnes.  In the 21st minute a yellow card was issued to FC Dallas # 14 Atiba Harris.  Dynamo still being aggressive in the first half, Dynamo once again scored a goal in the 23rd minute, with #13 Ricardo Clark hitting the corner , with the kick once again coming from #11 Andrew Wenger.  In the next few minutes Dynamo scored again, but this time in the 27th minute #11 Andrew Wenger scored the goal.  The Dynamo is really on fire tonight.  The referee gave Dynamo’s #5 Raul Rodriguez a yellow card for arguing with him for the call he made against him in the 31st minute.  In the 32nd minute a yellow card was issued to FC Dallas #7 Carlos Gruezo, followd by a yellow card issued to Dynamos #11 Andrew Wenger.  The first half has been all Dynamo, being aggressive and taking charge of the ball.  It has been on the Dynamo’s side for most of the game.  In the 39th minute there was a terrible collision between Dynamo’s # 8 Cristian Maidana and FC Dallas # 31 Maynor Figueroa, who was issued a yellow card.  There was a substitution in the 43rd minute due to #8 Maidana injury to the head, which was very bloody as he was walking off field. The Dynamo player coming in for #8 Maidana was #33 Leonel Miranda.  Figueroa was patched up and went back in the game.  For the first half there was a 4 minute stoppage time. The first half was a wild one with several yellow cards issued and substitutions made early in the game for Dynamo due to injuries.  The score going into the half; Dynamo 4 and FC Dallas 0.

The second half started out rough once again, #11 Wenger went down for a moment, the next few minutes #7 Beasley got hit by the ball on the head and he went down for a few minutes.  It looks like the FC Dallas has turned a leaf, they seem to be more aggressive then the first half.  They have taken the ball to the Dynamo side and have attempt to score a goal but fell short, even with the fouls that were given to the Dynamo so they had kick due to fouls, but were also unsuccessful.  There was a substitution for FC Dallas in the 56th minute for #11 Fabian Castillo coming out and #13 Tesho Akindele coming in.   The FC Dallas once again made a substitution, #7 Carlos Gruezo coming out and #8 Victor Ulloa coming in.  The second half has been a back forth battle, but the FC Dallas continue to fight for the ball, even though they have failed to score.  The substitution comes in the 77th minute for the Dynamos, #6 David Rocha in for #13 Ricardo Clark.  In the 79th minute the referee issued Dynamos’ #27 Boniek Garcia a yellow card.  The FC Dallas has attempted once again to try to score a goal, but Dynamos’ goalie #31 Joe Willis once again has made a tremendous save.  It seems that the fans are not happy with the referee’s calls for this game, the boo’s coming out from the stands are loud. It has been a physical game from both sides.  The Dynamo have scored another goal in the 84th minute with #12 Will Bruin scoring on the run with a corner kick, with the assistance of #33 Leonel Miranda getting the ball to him.  The goal made by #12 was his 47th career goal and the 1st of the season with the Dynamo.  There will be a 2 minute stoppage time added to the game. The Dynamo have been outstanding this game bringing their A game both offensively and defensively and the score shows it tonight.  The final score of the night, Dynamo 5 and FC Dallas 0.  Man of the match went to #11 Andrew Wenger.

Santos Hernandez

Photos by Jeremy Fletcher

Bigshots Snapshots Media Group

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