Get ready Houston, today is the home opener for the Houston Dynamo’s at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas. Houston is very proud of their Houston Dynamo’s, it is their fourth season to start  here since the BBVA Compass Stadium opened their inaugural start on May 12, 2012.  The Houston Dynamo’s will take on the New England Revolultion for the opener of the 2016 season.  The weather is perfect for a great match, the stadium is full of Dynamo fans, who are ready to cheer on the Houston Dynamo Team.

The game started with the Dynamo coming out fast and attempting to score right away, but fell short.  The Revolotion came back attacking and scored in the 4th minute to take the lead it looked to be about a 25 yard goal to the corner.  The Dynamo tried to come back to score with #8 Cristian Maidana  in the 7th minute of the game. Dynamo still trying to score and attacking every chance they can.  In the 10th minute #11 Andrew Wenger attempted a goal by head butting but failed.   The Revolotion attempted to score again but Dynamo’s #31 Joe Willis had a great save  in the 15th minute.    In the 27th minute there was a yellow card given to #10 Teal Bunbury of the Revolution.

In the first half of the game, the Dynamo’s #2 Anibaba, #8 Maidana, and #11 Wenger were working hard to score for their team, coming up short several times.  The score still Dynamo 0 and Revolotion 1.  Dynamo not giving up,  #11 Wenger and #8 Maidana connecting in the 45th minute right before the half to score and making it Dynamo 1 and Revolotion 1.  The goal made by #8 Maidana with assistance of #11 Wenger.  In the first half the Revolution made a substitution #11 Kelyn Rowe off and #6 Scott Caldwell came on.

The second half started with the Revolution’s #27 Je-Vaughn Watson receiving a yellow card in the 48th minute.  Soon after that Dynamo’s #11 Andrew Wenger scored a goal in the 49th minute making the score Dynamo 2 and Revolution 1. The Revolution answered back with a goal of their own in the 51st minute by # 9 Charlie Davies tying the score Dynamo 2 an Revolution 2.  The game continued as the Revolution attempting several times to score but failed.   In the 54th minute there was a yellow card against the Dynamo’s # 2 Jalil Anbaba.  The Dynamo made substitutions in the second half, #13 Ricardo Clark came off and #6 David Rocha came on.  The Revolution also made substitutions of their own bringing in #17 Juan Agudelo and #10 Teal Bunbury coming off.  The Dynamo’s made more substitution’s #7 DaMarcus Beasley came off, #27 Boniek Garcia came on and also #8 Cristian Maidana came off and # 19 Mauro Manotas came on.  The Revolution made another substitution #12 Gershon Koffie came off, #16 Daigo Kobayashi came on.  The Dynamo came alive and in the 76th minute #10 Giles Barnes scored a goal.  The game had 3 minutes of stoppage time.  The Dynamo,  fighting strongly to keep the Revolution from scoring  hoping they could hold on, but in the last few seconds of the game #16 Daigo Kobayashi of the Revolution broke through and scored the tying goal. The Dynamo 3 and Revolution 3 meaning a draw gives them each a point.

The next game the Dynamo will face FC Dallas at BBVA Compass Stadium at 7:15, on March 12, 2016

Santos Hernandez

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