Today is the big day, the 2016 Concacaf Women’s Qualifying Championship between USA and Canada at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas.  The USA leads the all-time CWOQ series. The USA has not given up a goal since 2008 against Canada.

Today for USA, the captain will be #10 Carli Lloyd and for Canada #14 Melissa Tancredi.  The goalie for USA will be #1 Hope Solo and goalie for Canada #18 Stephaine Labbe.

The first half started with Canada being aggressive right away, they attempted a goal, which was blocked by USA’s #1 Hope Solo.  In the 13th minute of the game the USA attempted a goal, by #7 Meghan Klingenberg setting up #10 Carlie Lloyd, but was off target.  Both teams are being aggressive in getting the ball for their team.   In the 19th minute a yellow card issued to Canada’s #9 Josee Belanger.  In the 22nd minute #10 Carli Lloyd was off target with another attempt at a goal.  Another attempt to score a goal by the USA #9 Lindsey Horan in the 23rd minute of the game.  In the 24th minute of the game Canada attempted a goal but was saved by Hope Solo.  Another attempt by USA’s #10 Carlie Lloyd missed target for a goal.  The first half has been very competitive by both teams, something we had not seen in the tournament going into the second half with the score being 0-0, showing both teams matched evenly.

In the second half USA’s #5 Kelley O’Hara attempted a goal but fell short when Canada’s goalie #18 Stephanie Labbe blocked the goal.  In the 52nd minute USA’s #9 Lindsey Horan scored a goal, assisted by #4 Becky Sauerbrunn to put USA on the board with the first point.  USA 1, Canada 0.  Canada’s had two substitutions in the 57th minute of the game #8 Diana Matheson on, #5 Rebecca Quinn off and #13 Sophie Schmidt on and # 7 Rhian Wilkinson off.  Coach Herdman putting in players maybe changing the tempo of the game for Canada.  In the 60th minute the USA’s #17 Tobin Heat scored another goal.  In the 61st minute Canada had another substitution, #12 Christine Sinclair on, #15 Nichelle Prince on.  Christine Sinclair playing injured still coming in to try to help her team.  In the 70th minute USA’s #1 Hope Solo, blocked a goal, which kept Canada from scoring.  In the 71st minute USA had a substitution, #12 Christen Press on, #13 Alex Morgan off.  In the 79th minute USA’s #2 Mallory Pugh was issued a yellow card.  In the 83rd minute USA substitution #16 Crystal Dun on, #9 Lindsey Horan off.   In the 89th minute USA made substitution # 6 Emily Sonnett on, #2 Mallory Pugh off.  There was a stoppage time of 3 minutes added to the game.

The USA are the champions of the 2016 Concacaf Women’s Olympic Qualifiers, beating Canada.  The final score USA 2 and Canada 0.  The Fair Play Trophy went to the USA team, receiving for the USA #10 Carlie Lloyd, the Golden Glove Award went to USA’s #1 Hope Solo, the Golden Boot to USA’s #16 Crystal Dunn, the Best Player Golden Ball, USA’s #14 Morgan Brian.  The runner up for Concacaf Women’s Olympic Qualifiers 2016 goes to Team Canada.

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