Today at BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston, Texas is the Concacaf Women’s Olympic Qualifiers, 2016, semi-finals.  The four teams are Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica and USA.  The first semi-final game will be Canada vs.Costa Rica. Erin Mcleod will be the goalie for Canada and Dinnia Diaz is the goalie for Costa Rica.  The game has started with both teams equal in obtaining the ball, the defense and offense are working for both teams.  The game will be determined on how many errors or penalties each team will be making.   In the 16th minute of the game #12 Christine Sinclair scored the first goal for Canada. The first half it looks like Canada has kept the ball on their side more then Costa Rica.  Even though Costa Rica attempted a goal, it went off target to the left of the net.  Costa Rica had #10 Shirley Cruz step out for a minute, she apparently had a slight injury in the 30th minute of the game.  In the 33rd minute of the game #8 Matheson just missed a goal, the goal just barely stopped the ball in time.  In the 43rd minute, a yellow card was issued the #16 Katherine Alvarado.  In the 44th minute another yellow card was issued to #10 Shirley Cruz.  In the 45th minute a yellow card was issued to Canada’s #10 Ashley Lawrence.  At the end of the first half the score is Canada 1 and Costa Rica 0.

The second half started with both teams coming on to the field strong, both have kept the ball almost in the center of the field. In the 51st minute of the game Canada’s #12 Christine Sinclair scored the second goal for Canada. In the 61st minute there was a substitution for Costa Rica, off #14 Maria Fernanda Barrantes and on #17 Karla Villalobos. In the 71st minute Costa Rica #11 gets a penalty kick to score their first point of the game.  Now making the score Canada 2 and Costa Rica 1 in the second half. The next attempted goal by #12 Christine Sinclair was not good, she was offside.  In the 80th minute Canada made a substitution off #12 Christine Sinclair, on #14 Melissa Tancredi and in the 81st minute another substitution for Canada #13 Sophie Schmidt off, #15 Nichelle Prince on.  In the 84th minute #6 Deanne Rose scored a goal for Canada and assisted by #15 Nichelle Prince, making the score Canada 3 and Costa Rica 1.  In the 90 minute several substitutions came on, Canada’s #16 Gabarielle Carle off, #19 Janine Becke on.  The Costa Rica also had substitution # 6 Carol Sanchez came off and #5 Diana Saenz came on. The Concacaf player of the match was Canada’s #12 Christine Sinclair.  The fiinal score was Canada 3 and Costa Rica 1.  Canada will face the winner of the USA and Trinidad & Tobago game in the finals on Sunday.

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