The next game for tonight at BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston , Texas will be Canada vs. Guatemala.  Both teams came out attacking the ball, going back and forth in their areas.  The team who came out scoring  first was Canada in the 4th minute by #14 Melissa Tancredi, assisted by #15 Nichell Prince.  Guatemala seems to be turning the ball over to Canada more then normal.  They have a chance to run with it but get careless a to who they kick it to.  The Guatemala team does not seem to be aggressive against the Canada team, their passing skills need a little work if they expect to score against Canada.  The Canada team scored in the 27th minute by #16 Gabrielle Carle to make the score Canada 2 and Guatemala 0.  Guatemala’s goalie #12 Alicia Navas has saved some pretty close calls at the net.  Unfortunately for Guatemala one got passed her, in the 35th minute Canada scored again by #19 Janine Beckie.  In the 43 minute #15 Nicell Prince scored for Canada making the score 4 and Guatemala 0. Then within minutes Canada scored again on a penalty kick, #5 Rebecca Quinn in the 45th minute right before the half making it Canada 5, Guatemala 0.

The second half Guatemala has to be more aggressive if they want a chance to stay in the game against Canada.  In the 48th minute of the game, Canada has done a substitution with #4 Shelina Zadorsky coming off and #13 Sophie Schmidt.  Canada strikes again in the 49th minute with #5 Rebecca Quinn scoring with the assistance of #14 Melissa Tancredi.  In the 52nd minute Canada scored with #5 Rebecca Quinn making the score 7 and Guatemala 0.  In the 52nd minute Guatemala had a substitution coming out #19 Andrea Rabanales and coming on #8 Jennifer Munoz.  Canada has also made a substitution, out #2 Allysha Chapman and in # 10 Ashley Lawrence.  Substitution for Canada #3 Kadeisha Buchanan out and #8 Diana Matheson in the 63rd minute.  Canada scored in the 84th minute by #15 Nichelle Prince to make the score Canada 8 and Guatemala 0. As Guatemala’s goalie was going to kick, Canada’s #14 Melissa Tancredi blocked it and scored a goal.  In the 89th minute #15 Nichelle Prince scored another goal with the assistance of #16 Gabrielle Carle.  The final score was Canada 10 and Guatemala 0.  The player of the match tonight was Canada’s #5 Rebecca Quinn.

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