Today at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas the Concacaf Women’s Olympci Qualifiers 2016 continue, with Trinidad and Tobago taking on Guyana.  Trinidad came out strong attempting to score twice within only a minute into the game.  Tonight it looks like Trinidad is playing a little harder, attacking more and playing defense well.  Guyana seems to be a little slower to start tonight’s game.  Trinidad and Tobago is taking advantage of this by scoring in the 7th minute of the game by #19 Kennya Cordner, assisted by #12 Ahkeela Mollon.  The next few plays T&T’s offense came alive once again scoring in the 9th minute by #3 Mariah Shade, and once again assisted by #12 Ahkeela Mollon.  The score T & T 2 and Guyana 0.   Guyana’s offense seems to not be as sharp tonight as seen in their previous game. In the 17th minute T & T scored again by #2 Jenelle Cunningham, which might have looked like a no goal.  In the 20th minute T & T scored another goal by #12 Ahkeela Mollon, making the score T&T 4, Guyana 0.  The first half was dominated by Trinidad & Tobago. Substitution for Guyana in the 27th minute of the game #8 Ashlee Savona coming off  and Mariam El-Masri coming in.  Guyanan came back fighting in the last minutes of the first half with Guyana’s #20 Saundra Baron scoring a great goal over T&T’s goalie in the 43rd minute.  The score at the end of the first half T&T 4, Guyana 1.

The second started with no surprise, T&T coming out strong once again.  Guyana has a little bit more movement but not much, Guyana’s goalie Chante Sandiford #1, made an awesome block for her team.  Her defense has been great the whole game.  Guyana’s #15 Mariam El-Masri had momentum toward getting a goal, but had no help offensively.  Trinidad scored in the 61st minute by #19 Kennya Cordner, making the score Trinidad 5 and Guyana 1.  There was a substitution for Trinidad & Tobago in the 64th minute, #11 Janine Francois off and #15 Liana Hinds on and another substitution #3 Mariah Shade off and #16 Jo Marie Lewis.  Substitution for Guyana in the 71st minute, coming off #13 Kailey Leila, coming on #10 Calaigh Copland.  A substitution for Trinidad & Tobago was in the 72nd minute #10 Tasha St-Louis coming off and #8 Ashlee Savona coming on.  In the 76 minute for Gayana, substitution #14 Dana Bally coming off, #4 Kayla DeSouza coming on.  In the second half there was a 4 minute stoppage added on.  The final score Trinidad & Tobago 5 and Guyana 1.  The player of the match was #12 Ahkeela Mollon.

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