The last game of the double header on Valentine’s Day at BBVA Compass Stadium-Houston, Texas will be Trinidad & Tobago vs. Canada.  Both teams are coming in with a win in their pockets, Trinidad & Tobago winning against Guatemala and Canada winning against Guyana.

The game started with Canada coming on strong keeping the ball on their side, taking shots several times, even when off target.  Trinidad recovered the ball several times but were unable to capitalize on any of the times they controlled the ball.  The first score was by Canada in the 24 minute by the captain #8 Diana Matheson with the assist of #9 Josee Belanger.  In the 32 minute Canada’s #11 Desiree Scott was given a yellow card. As the match continued, Trinidad’s #4 Danielle Blair also received a yellow card.  The match continued and Canada scored once again by #14 Melissa Tancredi,  with the assistance of #10 Ashley Lawrence. This was the last goal for the first half, Canada 2 and Trinidad 0.

Once the second half started Trinidad had a substitution in the 46 minute with #15 Liana Hinds, coming for in #8 Victoria Swift.  The match continued with the teams having the ball go back and forth and taking shots on target and off target. The Canada team had a substitution in the 56 minute with #10 Ashley Lawrence coming off, and #2 Alysha Chapman coming on. Canada made another substitution in the 61 minute, with #14 Melissa Tancredi coming off and #12 Christine Sinclair coming on.  Christine Sinclair is coming into the game being top scorer in CWOQ history with 15 goals, one more then Maribel Dominguez (Mexico) & Abby Wambach (USA).  She was top scorer in 2012 CWOQ  with 9 goals..3 more then the nearest competitors (USA’s Carli Lloyd, Amy Rodriguez & Abby Wambach had 6 goals each)….Sinclair also contributed with 3 assists in 2012 CWOQ.  Sinclair has scored 8 goals in 10 Women’s Olympic Football Tournament games.  It didn’t take long for #12 Christine Sinclair to score a goal, which she did in the 63 minute of the game.  The Canada team was on fire because in the 66 minute #3 Kadeisha Buchanan scored another point with the assistance of #6 Deanne Rose making the score, Canada 4 and Trinidad 0.  Canada once again made another substitution in the 67 minute, #6 Deanne Rose off and #17 Jessie Fleming on.

Trinidad made substitutions of their own in the 73rd minute with #3 Mariah Shade coming off and #16 Jo Marie Lewis coming on.  Unfortunately for Trinidad, Canada scored once again in the 75th minute with a goal by #19 Janine Beckie.  The team did not stop there, Canada scored again with #17 Jessie Fleming scoring a goal in the 79th minute.  Trinidad tried to come forth by making another substitution in the 80th minute of the game bringing in #7 Kayla Taylor and bringing out #9 Maylee Johnson. Unfortunately for Trinidad it was not enough the game ended with the score Canada 6 and Trinidad 0.  The player of the match was Canada’s #13 Sophie Schmidt.

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