Concacaf Women’s Olympic Qualifiers 2016

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Today is Valentine’s Day and we have great weather at BBVA COMPASS STADIUM, Houston, Texas for the Concacaf Women’s Olympic Qualifiers 2016.  There will be a double header with the first teams being Guyana and Guatemala.
The first half was matched evenly with both teams having the ball on their side and attempting shots but  coming off target. Guatemala even had a substitution in the 29th minute due to a knee injury to #5 Londy Barrios and #16 Kellin Mayen coming on for Guatemala.
In the 45th minute Guatemala made a substitution #4 Christian Recinos out, and #2 Daniela Andrade in. Guyana also made a substitution #15 Mariam El-masri  in for #5 Julia Gonsalves who came out of the game.
The second half both teams came out charging and kept the ball moving until the 54th minute Guatemala’s #9 Ana Lucia Martinez scored a goal. In the 62nd minute Guyana made another substitution with #11 Brittany Persaud  coming in for #12 Otesha Charles coming out.  In the 71st minute Guyana scored a goal to tie up the game, by #15 Mariam El-Masri.
In the 75th minute Guatemala’s #16 Kellin Mayen was given a yellow card.
In the 76th minute #2 Alison Heydorn scored a goal to give Guyana the lead. Guatemala made another substitution in the 79th  #7 Celeste Garcia coming out and #8  Jennifer Munoz coming in. Guyana made substitution in the 80th minute #4 Kayla Delta Souza coming in and #6 Leak Ramalho coming out. Yellow card for Guyana #15Mariam El-Masri.
The final score was Guyana 2 and Guatemala 1.

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