Houston Dynamo vs Philadelphia Union

Looks like the Houston Dynamo are really trying to make that push for the playoffs with a win the other night over the Philadelphia Union
Houston Dynamo

Philadelphia Union
Both teams came out strong but the Houston Dynamo really need this win. To make any kind push for the playoffs. So if the Dynamo keep on winning they have a great chance of making the playoffs with the 3 points last night game win hopefully that is enough to get the ball rolling and with the 2 new guys coming in Damarcus Beasley and Luis Garrido I think that is what this team needed.
DaMarcus Beasley

Luis Garrido
And with 3 yellow cards last night 2 to the Houston Dynamo and 1 to the Phiiladelphia Union. One going to David Horst of the Houston Dynamo in the 28th min and the 2nd yellow to come out went to Danny Cruz of the Philadelphia Union in the 45th min and the 3rd yellow card going to Damarcus Beasley of the Houston Dynamo in the 58th min.








DaMarcus Beasley

Andre Blake

The Scoring Summary in the 1st half Will Bruin makes the 1st goal in the 51st min with assist from Giles Barnes and Brad Davis. In the 2nd half goal number 2 came from Raymon Gaddis with and own goal to give the Houston Dynamo there 2nd goal of the game.





So for the next home game and your in the Houston area come on out cheer on the Dynamo to help push them to making the playoffs. It is on Sept. 6,2014 at 7:30 pm.
all photos copyrighted to Jeremy Fletcher of Bigshots Snapshots media

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